Science showcase at NSU

by Leron Massey

Friday, March 1st Northwestern State University’s school of Biological and Physical Science hosted a Science Showcase. The showcase drew students from all over Louisiana participating in workshops in biology, physiology, chemistry, and environmental sciences. The showcase consisted of lecture type experiences along with experiments that the students would enjoy and get a taste of college level classes. b

NSU has been known for its science showcases. NSU volunteers Reagan Guillory, Makenzie Ledington, & Kayla Waller all described their experience as irreplaceable and something “they wouldn’t trade it for anything”. Reagan continued saying students were put into groups based on their interest. 

“My concentration is vet tech so from there we took students that were interested in vet tech and bring them to different workshops,” said Makenzie. Some of the vet tech workshops included DNA sequencing, and anatomy lab. 

“Instead of someone signing up for a science major they are more interested into going in to classrooms and seeing how the professor are in a classroom situation,” Reagan added. 

“I enjoyed seeing the joy the students had learning about the experiences being in a science lab,” Kayla Waller noted.

NSU students have always been excited to chaperone and show the visiting high school students around the campus.

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