SGA Minutes: Campus bookstore change, Chick-fil-A to begin construction

Associate Editor

President Tre Nelson attended a leadership meeting Feb. 5 regarding construction projects; the main topic of discussion was the new Chick-fil-A and the Barnes & Noble campus bookstore closure.

“Ground break [for the Chick-fil-A] will be March 15,” he said.

Neebo will move out of their current location on University Parkway and into the area in the Friedman Student Union that currently houses the Barnes & Noble bookstore for the rest of the semester. The Neebo location across from campus will then be renovated; the University conceptual rendering depicts a Chick-fil-A, NSU bookstore and Shipley Do-Nuts.

The Chick-fil-A will be run through Sodexo and allegedly take declining balance.

With the shutdown of the Barnes & Noble bookstore, Sen. Jacob Ellis said he will order scantrons from another provider. Nelson introduced the idea of turning the Student Union space into a senate chamber once construction has finished.

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