Academic Success Center resources

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The Northwestern Academic Success Center has workshops that will get students on the right track before and after graduation. The ASC offers one-on-one tutoring for many subjects, group tutoring, online tutoring, study skills, exam prep, time management, study hall and workshops geared towards students to help them excel in their college classes.

“The coolest thing we have so far is ‘What can I do with this major?’ program,” said Essie Hullaby. 

A nursing student would need help with nursing, an education major would need help with education, Hullaby said. With Biology, Mass Comm, English they are working with a lot of different departments and a series of workshops telling students that they are not just limited to certain jobs, since there are a series of different jobs that they can have with their major. 

Hullaby said they are trying to change the stigma that a certain major does not make much money. 

“A lot of students don’t think about credit until their junior/senior year and they could have been building credit freshman/sophomore year.” Krystyn Dupree said. Dupree will tell students about what a FICO score is, the importance of Experian and Expedian, companies that help with credit scores and credit history, during the Creditfits Workshop on Tues. Oct. 16.

 “I want students to be a little more prepared for school than I was, it wasn’t till about junior or senior year that I honestly knew what kind of studier I was,” Hullaby said. “I came into school with the same study skills that I had from high school. I didn’t realize that I was just doing something and hoping that it would work out. I’m actually a visual learner and a hands-on learner and that I need to take tips from both of those.”

Follow the ASC on Facebook or watch the Student Concerns Page for their posts.

If students need tutoring, contact Mrs. Briggs at to schedule a tutoring appointment or visit the ASC in Watson Library.

ASC Workshop Schedule:

Study Skills Workshop- Wed Oct. 11 at 3:30 

Creditfits Workshop- Tuesday Oct. 16 the time TBA 

Communication Skills for Success- Wed. Oct 26 the time TBA 

Study Skills Workshop- Wed. Nov. 29 

Fall 2017 Hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8am to 8pm

Friday: 8am to 1pm

Sunday: 4pm to 6pm


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