The Nuclear Garden

Argus 1980

The grass grows green, the sun burns bright,
Millions of children play in the light.
The grass turns brown, the sunlight fades,
the children disappear.

The grass is dead, the sun dies too,
The world is lit with atomic hue.
The sun now shines in an airless void,
The bright green planet is destroyed.
For man in greed, in lust for power,
Has dared to pick the atomic flower.

Meet the staff

Editor-In-Chief: Katie Rayburn

Design Editor: Lessie Walters

Copy Editor: Maddie Morrow

Associate Editor: Jordan Durio

Junior Editors:
Dalyce Williams
Jaleia Parker
Allie Atkinson
Daishya Vercher

Assistant Editors:
Willie Soniat
Killian Arnold
Meredith McManus
Bergen Oge

If you would like to know more about Argus’ new staff, follow us on Facebook or Instagram.


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