KNWD Music Mondays

First KNWD Music Monday performer Beau Voinché. Photo Credit: Kasi Patten

News Director

Starting Monday, Sept. 11, KNWD will be hosting Music Mondays at Café DeMon in Watson Library from 6p.m. to 7:30p.m. every Monday.

“Music Mondays gives students the chance to perform their music in front of other students,” KNWD General Manager, Noah Baudoin said. “It also helps promote KNWD by getting students interested in what the radio station is doing.”

The first Music Monday performer is Beau Voinché, a general studies alum.

“[We are] playing anything from reggae to christian to jazz. [We are] just playing anything that you would hear in a little bar or lounge.”

Voinché got interested in playing music when he made a bet with his dad that if he could play piano better than him by the end of high school, his dad would help pay for college. Voinché was teaching lessons by his junior year of high school and he ended up winning the bet.

Performers can perform anything that follows the FCC guidelines and artists get the full hour and a half to perform. Artists can also play any genre of music and must bring their own instruments.

This event is the first of its kind for KNWD and students interested in performing at future Music Mondays can sign up via our OrgSync application. Artists performing do not receive monetary compensation.

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