This newspaper will report on student crime


The Current Sauce has not always reported on student crime in recent years. However, the decisions of past editors to report or not to report on that issue is entirely their own for reasons I do not know.

I can only speak for myself: during my term as the editor of this newspaper, we will report on major student crimes whenever we learn about them.

The decisions student organization leaders make now and forever should be logic-based, not based on the history of the organization and its past decisions.

This is not a decision I made alone. Members of our editorial board and our advisers support us covering student crime.

So what does this mean for NSU students?

Quite simply, don’t commit crimes and later get charged for them.

Furthermore, understand that when you are charged with crime, potential employers will find out when they are conducting background checks, and no amount of press coverage is going to change that.

If you don’t like this, or if you ever have questions or comments about the contents of this newspaper, I invite you to send a letter to and indicate if you would like it to be published.

We’re not out to get you; we’re here to report.

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