New Media Leaders


Alec Horton (left), Katie Rayburn, Kierstin Richter and Noah Baudoin. Photos submitted

The Current Sauce

Q: What kinds of changes are you thinking about making?

A: I think establishing a consistent feature section in the center spread of our paper will help: a feature story with crazy visuals and a fun design.


Argus Literary Magazine

Q: Why do you think a literary magazine is really valuable to a campus’s population?

A: I feel like it’s almost a more romanticized version of what’s happening… We have a bunch of past editions that we pull out occasionally and we’re just like ‘oh, well, Hurricane Katrina was that year, or before.’


The Potpourri

Q: Why do you think that student media is really something that anyone can do, not just communications majors?

A: I feel like if you limit that to just comm. majors, or just English majors, then you’re only going to get one perspective of the student population…If you are able to get everybody’s ideas, then you get a better idea of what the students are actually thinking.



Q: Do you have plans to change any of the music that plays on the station?

A: Some people have said there’s a lot of alternative music on the station. I’ve looked at it, and there is a lot of it. I know we’ve played about zero country…So I want there to be something for everyone.

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