KNWD presents DemonFest 2017: LA Vibes

DF 2016 Day 2-71-2

Brandon Melançon, online media manager for KNWD, attended DemonFest in 2016 and creates advertisements for this year’s festival. Photo by Karalee Scouten

KNWD News Coordinator

KNWD’s spring music festival, DemonFest, is approaching, and students from every corner of campus wonder: “Who is headlining?”

Before KNWD reveals their secret headliner, General Manager Courtney Page gave students a run-down on how artists are chosen to perform at NSU.

The Concert Committee is a group of representatives from several campus organizations advocating for students. Committee spots include:

· Student Government Association

· College Panhellenic Council

· Interfraternity Council (IFC)

· National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)

· Student Athlete: Adviser Council

· Representative from KNWD

· Representative from CAPA

· Student chosen by the Dean of Students

. Director of Student Activities Yonna Pasch and Director of Student Union Life Alan Pasch (non-voting members)

Working with two agents, Ben Anshutz of Gotham Artists and Ari Nisman of Degy Entertainment, the committee considers several options for headliners.

The committee then sends out a proposal for a headliner, and the process follows these steps:

1. Ask the agent for artists’ quote list

2. Look at potential artists with committee in order of importance

3. SAB votes to approve quote list

4. Agents send offer through Yonna and Alan Pasch

5. If the committee agrees, it will send the official contract of agreement. If the committee disagrees, it will go to the next available artist.

Page said the Concert Committee learned to put aside personal biases and find a headliner that students would enjoy. One thing she would like to see is more student involvement when picking a headliner for future music festivals.

This year’s festival is April 21-22 on the Iberville Green, and the theme is LA Vibes, a beach theme influenced by Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Reggae, hip hop, alternative, rock and electronic dance music are some of the music genres that will be present at DemonFest.

KNWD’S PR Director, Candice Richardson, shared how her experience with KNWD and DemonFest has shaped her college experience.

“I’ve been working for KNWD since the fall semester [of 2016],” Richardson said. “I worked DemonFest ‘16, and it gave me a purpose in a time where I thought I didn’t have one. KNWD is the greatest thing that happened for me, as corny as it sounds.”

As the sixth DemonFest draws near, Page reflects on the growth of KNWD’s major project.

“Every year, it grows a bit,” Page said. “The second year, it grew in size; the third year, it grew with branding; last year, it grew with the types of artists; and this year we’re trying to grow it in the way we hold it.”

Malcolm Cooper, the NPHC representative on the Concert Committee, was excited to be a part of the selection process for this year’s headliner.

“I always wanted to know the behind-the-scenes when planning DemonFest,” Cooper said. “Now I feel like my voice is heard.”

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