NSU to present International Student Festival

KNWD Reporter

Students and faculty will collaborate to host NSU’s first International Student Festival. The event originally began as a community event on Front Street to celebrate different cultures, and it has grown to include hundreds of participants.

Hospitality Management and Tourism Professor Dr. Lynn Woods has participated in the International Festival every year since 1998 and is coordinating this year’s festival, taking place Tuesday, March 21 from 11. a.m. to 1:30 p.m. between A.A. Fredericks and Magale Recital Hall.

“We will have tons of activities ranging from food, culture booths and dance performances,” Woods said. “It’s a great experience for the students, giving us awareness and knowledge on different cultures, especially during this time where immigration is a huge topic.”

Graduate Assistant for the International Student Resource Center Vivian Pedroza has participated in the event before and said student and faculty participation in this year’s festival will make it unique.

“It is culturally enriching, both for the students and faculty,” Pedroza said. “Putting this festival together… is very exciting.”

Colombian student Nestor Mercado–Garcia plans to introduce different styles of Colombian music to attendees with his ensemble, Larry’s Group.

“We as Colombians are going to play our music… in the salsa style, also ranging with reggae, jazz and rap,” Mercado-Garcia said.

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