New video and photo production lab opens


Professor Hyams lectures in his COMM 3510 class using the flat screen TV in the new production lab. Photo by Steven Sheerin


A studio lab for film animation, media studies and video production was recently created under the instruction of Associate Professor of Art Collier Hyams, who was originally hired in 2016 to build a new media program.

Hyams said the original plan was to have a 4K display so the TV and computers will endure for many years rather than just one. Video and music editing software is available on all of the computers in this new lab.

“The students will be able to have their own editing and work area with the green wall and the other equipment that is being put to use,” David Antilley, manager and executive director of NSU TV, said.


Professor Hyams presents an ad to his COMM 3510 class on the new flat screen so they can critique it. Photo by Steven Sheerin

With a year of planning and months of reconstruction, the room was completed shortly after the spring semester began and is equipped with a green screen wall made for video recording.

The other walls are 18 percent nonreflective photo gray walls used for picture quality, and the ceiling is painted flat black so it doesn’t reflect or interfere with videos or photos. Lighting in the room is white balanced for 4K cameras, and computers all have 5K displays.

“We’re trying to future-proof the room as much as possible,” Hyams said.

With an hour and a half for class, Hyams said it’s difficult to go back and forth between classrooms and studios.

“It’s an area where students can work on projects for multipurpose use, and it’s something that we haven’t had in the past,” Antilley said.

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