Photographer Stephen Takacs comes to NSU


NSU’s art department will be hosting guest artist Stephen Takacs, a professional photographer based out of Columbus. Takacs has exhibited his work nationally and is a very active member of the Ohio arts community. His photography includes the documentation of sculptures, paintings, art installations and even people.

Takacs will be displaying some of his work in the Orville Hanchey Gallery from March 6 through March 24. The gallery is located in the CAPA Annex building.

From Tuesday, March 7 to Thursday, March 9, Takacs is offering a workshop specializing in pinhole photography to interested students. A pinhole camera refers to a simple camera without a lens but with a small opening – a pinhole. Light from a subject passes through this small hole and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box. This technique is based on property of light.

During this three-day intensive workshop, students will learn how to build a working camera using everyday, repurposed objects.

“I’ve always been drawn to photography as a way to record moments, as well as create moments for the camera,” Takacs said. “Now, more than ever, art and photography are not straightforward career paths. No one is going to hire you to become a staff sculpture or a fine art painter for 40 hours a week with benefits. You must have passion about what you’re doing to make a career of it!”

Contact Leslie Gruesbeck to sign up for this workshop at The workshop costs $75 for non-NSU students.

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