Helping Hands celebrates civil rights leaders with production of “The Evolution of African-American Culture”

By: Ashley French

Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King and other civil rights legends will come to life Feb. 23 in Magale Recital hall at 6 p.m.

Playing these historical legends are members of NSU Helping Hands, a community service organization for students.

The students are producing the play “The Evolution of African-American Culture,” its 16th annual production as part of Black History Month.

The play is free to NSU students, faculty, and staff.

Jamie Flanagan, one of the directors and a Helping Hands adviser, has been a contributor to the program since its fourth annual production.

“I think a lot of people don’t understand the true effects of black history,” Flanagan said. “Everyone is familiar with Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X, but there’s so many other important people and pioneers that have affected the growth of black America and history.”

Many of the students are making a first-time appearance on stage as they play some of the most important leaders during the 1960s Civil Rights era, she said.

Junior Kayla Rockett, majoring in secondary education with a concentration in history will be playing the historical legend Rosa Parks.

“Being selected to play Rosa was exciting,” Rockett said. “When I look at the lines and say them to myself, I just try to be her as much as I can.”

Kayla Rockett expressed her importance on the value of black history and why it matters.

“I feel that bringing this production here to NSU allows for those that are not so informed about our history,” Rockett said.

Junior Chasity Green, majoring in biology, plays a more sensitive role of a young girl who dreams one day of owning her own business.

Green wishes Black History month, was not just one month but for the entire year

“Every day new information is coming out that we weren’t even aware of,” Green said.

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