The Alley Update

By: An-gel Samuel

The Alley was originally a bowling alley and bar for students to drink and hang out. For some who don’t know, The Alley is located on the first floor of the Student Union.

“Some time in the 80’s the alley was torn down and the space was converted into an event space,” Alan Pasch said, executive director of student union life.

“The bowling alley was just too expensive to upkeep and run efficiently,” Pasch said. “During the 90’s and early 20000’s it became an extension of the Grill.”

During the late 2000’s the Union installed a stage, some TV’s and screens and sound systems for entertainment. It was then opened up as a rentable place for student groups like SAB, other RSOs and departments to host events.

“As the building aged, the Alley began developing many problems,” Pasch said. Vic’s kitchen is located directly above the Alley, and many of the original pipes and floor drains started to fail.

“When I started this position in 2011, I came in on the tail end of the life of the Alley,” Pasch said. “Not only were there major leaks from the ceiling, the walls stated to leak water too.

The rain would find is way through the walls and soak the floors. Pasch said he spent a bunch of money trying to win the battle against the water. “The more work we did, the worse the problems got.”

“The Alley sound interesting,” Freshman Acquiria Mitchell said. “I would probably go; it sounds like it was fun when it was a thing.”

Because of budget cuts, the university decided the thousands of dollars spent on repairing the alley, could be spent elsewhere. The alley has been closed until a solution can happen.

“Eventually we would love to open the space up and have another event space for students,” Pasch said, “It is definitely still a goal of ours to get it open, but we don’t have a time table.”

Sophomore Samantha Williams said she was not aware that The Alley was a thing. Now that she knows she hopes it can eventually be open so students can have another place to hang out.

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