A band that studies together, stays together

Charles Gallagher and Sheldon Busby Photo credit: Valentina Perez

Chuckie Gallagher and Sheldon Busby Photo by: Valentina Perez


Local band Pragma rose to the top of the NSU music scene under the name “Kopacetic” a few years ago. Since then, their name and lineup has changed, but the group said their drive and dedication is unwavering.

The band released “The Interview,” their new single, on Jan. 26. It’s a hip-hop song, which is different from anything the band has previously released.

“One of my good friends raps, so we brought him in for this song,” band member Sheldon Busby said. “We normally record our parts separately and give vocalists an instrumental to write lyrics to, but we wrote this entire song together.”

Pragma currently does not have a singer in their lineup, but they bring singers in to perform at gigs and to record vocals for tracks.

Band member Jacob Bryant recently graduated from NSU and moved to Arizona for graduate school. Despite living hours away, Bryant is still a valuable and active member of the group.

“Jacob records his parts and sends them into us,” member Chuckie Gallaher said. “It’s actually really easy to collaborate with him. We have thought about moving out there, though.”

Pragma’s journey started at Parkway High School in Bossier City. Busby, Gallaher and Bryant attended school together and formed a metal band.

“We started as a metal band in high school, and our music evolved into a funkier, more upbeat sound,” Busby said. “Now we’re leaning toward a calmer, easy listening feel.”

As of right now, Pragma plans to release lots of new music, delve into blogging and post fitness videos.

“We’re hoping that Pragma Music evolves into a production company,” Gallaher said. “We might start a recording studio someday, and maybe eventually get into designing. We like to create, so doing anything artistic would be great.”

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